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Welcome to the new Abandoned San Diego!

I have moved out of the San Diego region and no longer do any exploring in the area, so I decided to make the site into a WIKI page so the community can collaborate on new areas making the website even better. It may take some time before people start editing and adding things, but hopefully it will turn into a great database of neat places to explore in San Diego.

To edit the the pages you do need to create an account so that we can track the changes. I have also added a forum to the site since there are no comments in the WIKI. You can continue the discussion about the areas already posted, and areas that may need to be explored. Unfortunately you need to create a login for the forums too since they do not share the same database.

If you need help on how to create a new page read the Manual or contact me and I can help you.

This site is dedicated to a new breed of explorers, an ‘Urban Explorer’. Sometimes we explore abandoned buildings and old settlements. Other times it’s an interesting location few people know about.

Happy Exploring,


List of Places to Explore


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